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Buying Dr. Bronners Castile vs. making it with lye


By itself, soapwort is an attractive garden plant with delicate pink flowers and attractive foliage. It is aromatic, and releases a pleasantly fruity scent during the blooming season. In the past, individuals extracted its sap using it for
laundering or to freshen worn fabrics. This combined with its fruity aroma made it a popular addition to the cottage garden. In the Middle East it was implemented into daily grooming rituals, or applied topically to alleviate skin conditions. American Shakers valued this plant for its perceived ability to eliminate toxins or sooth poison lily outbreaks. Although soapwort is a beneficial herb for any garden, the roots are poisonous and should never be ingested!

This hardy perennial grows eighteen inches to three feet in height. Soapwort prefers full sun, but will tolerate light shade, and grows best in moist soil. This plant should be sown in spring. If left to its own devices, soapwort is a prolific herb which sends out runners, and self seeds. Thin seedlings to two feet apart. For a second bloom, cut the plant back. Soapwort is an aromatic plant whose scent intensifies in richer loam. Gardeners should not plant soapwort near ponds as root secretions have been known to poison fish. This plant does not grow well indoors.

The edible flower can be used to garnish fruit salads or sweet dishes. For household purposes, the entire plant can be submerged in purified water, and boiled for half an hour. This will release a soapy liquid which can be added to laundry. It can take the place of detergent, and is gentle on fabrics, and helps revive worm down material. In ancient times, Romans would use soapwort to soften the water within their baths. Individuals who suffer from skin allergies due to harsh soaps can benefit from soapwort, using it both as a gentle shampoo and body wash. Simply boil the plant, and strain.

African Black Soap


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