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Distilled Water

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There is so many harmful things in our tap water from runoff, pollution and chemicals added by the water companies, which in America is mandated by the government. This can include heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, antibiotics, pesticides and many other dangerous materials. Basic water filters can not removal all of these toxins. For this reason distilling water is the best option, it is the only way to get truly pure water.

Here is the basics about some of the stuff found in our water:

Pesticides and antibiotics are often found in our water because industries such as the cattle industry routinely dumps blood and excrement into our lakes and rivers. These animals are treated with antibiotics and it gets put directly into our water system. Obviously chemicals also run off from the agriculture industry. Pesticides are very harmful to the body.

Fluoride is a toxic chemical that is not supposed to be ingested into the human body, yet we routinely poison our water with it in America under a government-mandated policy that seeks to “protect against dental cavities.” There is no data that shows that this is actually preventing cavities and we are only one of a few countries that add fluorine to our water. Flouride was added to water in prisons because it found that it actually lowers IQ and would encourage complance and submission to authority.

Chlorine is also a toxic chemical that is placed into our water for the same reason it is put into swimming pools: to kill bacteria. There is so much bacteria in our water systems that they have decided it is safer to add poisonous chemicals to our water. This chemical is absorbed through our skin every time we bathe or shower and because it is in our water supply it is constantly present in our bodies.

Heavy Metals such as Mercury or lead are a product of pollution that is present in our water. Mercury is highly poisonous that the amount that fish absorb from swimming in oceans polluted with Mercury cause us harm just from eating them. Imagine what it can do when we are exposing ourselves to them on a daily basis. I think we are all aware of the dangers of Lead poisoning. In recent years we have been warned about products coming from China containing toxic levels of lead. Lead can be used in paints and many things as a cheap emulsifier.

How Do I Distill My Own Water?

You can easily evaporate it with a home made system or purchase a solar evaporator like the one above. It works through evaporation leaving all impurities below. It is a quite simple process,  as the sun heats the water condensation will form on the glass above the water. That condensation will roll down on the slanted glass into a collector. The diagram above illustrates how this model works, but there are creative ways to make your own version.

Information on this model is available at:


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