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The 12 reasons and excuses for Breastfeeding

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12 Reasons to Breastfeed

  1. This is why women have breasts: They exist for the sole purpose of breast feeding. They were not put there to fill out a top! Unfortunately, our society has sexualized the breast to the point where many mothers don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding. Also unfortunately that it has become inappropriate to feed in public. Trust your body. We have breasts for a very important reason – to feed our young.
  2. Bonding: Breastfeeding promotes the healthy and natural bond between mother and child. When a woman breastfeeds, hormones are produced in her body that help her relax and bond with her baby. There are even traces of morphine in all mammalian breast milk that help create a chemical attachment for the baby. 
  3. Immunities: Breastmilk contains immunities that are passed to your child. Every defense your body has built up over your lifespan is passed on to your child. For this reason breastfed children do not get sick as often. Breastfed children also get fewer ear infections, childhood lymphomas, and diabetes.
  4. Perfect baby food: The composition of breastmilk changes from week to week, from day to day, from hour to hour, and during a feeding. It is always the perfect food for your child giving him or her just what they need as they grow. 
  5. Higher IQ’s: If you want your kids to succeed you need to breast-fed! Studies have shown that breastfeeding raises children’s intelligence. The average IQ for a formula fed child is 95 and a breastfed child is 110. 
  6. Lower Breast Cancer Risk: Studies show that women who breastfeed have a reduced risk of getting breast cancer and also their daughter’s chance of getting it as an adult. This is because breast cancer usually begins in the duct of the breast and ducts filled with milk need to be used and cleared of their milk. This is what they were meant to do.
  7. Its green: Breastfeeding is great for the environment. The production and consumption on formula uses a great deal of resources and produces a huge amount of waste. We are talking about manufacturing energy and resources, fuel for shipping and packaging. 
  8. Lowers the risk of SIDS:
  9. Taste: Have you tasted formula? It’s tastes awful. Try drinking a full glass of it before you give it to your baby. Breastmilk although not our drink of choice tastes better to us and great to the baby.
  10.  It’s free: meaning it will save you money up front and because it was meant to feed a baby will promote the formation of a healthy palate and straight teeth, will save you thousands on braces in the future.
  11. Straight teeth: Your baby’s palate is as soft as wax and the human breast is too, unlike manufactured nipples which are rigid and will not conform to the inner shape of a baby’s mouth can cause permanent deformation the the palate. This causes a narrow palate, overcrowding and crooked teeth which will later need to be fixed by a series of orthodontic procedures. Expanders, tooth extraction, braces and lifelong retainers, which are all uncomfortable and sometimes incredibly painful.  Your child would much rather be breast-fed for the first 2 years of life rather than forgo any of this torture, just ask any teenager with braces. They are embarrassing and give them one more reason to become insecure at a point in life where they are self conscious about everything!
  12. Convenient: it is fresh and always available, always at the right temperature, and never goes bad. Some mothers have reported that after switching to formula, they realized that breastmilk was more convenient. Especially during the night, with breastmilk all you have to do is rollover and let your baby latch on, with formula you must get up, assuming you haven’t accidently run out, go to the kitchen and heat it up. Presumably the easiest and fastest thing to do would be to zap it in the microwave, but you wouldn’t want to do that because microwaves use radiation and change the composition of the molecules in food. You wouldn’t want to make an inferior formula even more inferior, would you?

12 Common Excuses For Why Women Don’t Breastfeed

  1.  “I was fed on formula and I’m okay.” Chances are the formula you were given is no longer considered a fit food for infants. Do you want to take the same chance with your child?
  2. “I want my husband to bond with the baby too.” If you really want him to “bond” this way with the baby and you really feel deep down this is important and natural for a father to feed a child, then let him breast feed. He has nipples and he can lactate. With a little practice the milk will come and as a bonus the baby will get immunities passed from both parents through the milk. Not to mention he can give you a break from the duties sometimes. If your husband doesn’t feel like making the whole lactation thing happen there are other ways for father and child to bond: changing diapers, holding, playing and baby bjorns. The baby will keep both of you very busy, and any time spent with a baby is time for bonding. 
  3. “I don’t want to ruin my figure.” Breast feeding is the best way to loose baby weight. You burn so many calories by breastfeeding and get to consume more. Women who breastfeed take the weight off faster and keep it off longer, while women who do not breast feed struggle to take the weight off after the baby is born.
  4. “I heard breastfeeding will make my boobs sag.”  Contrary to popular opinion, breastfeeding will not make your breasts sag. They will sag regardless of if you breastfeed or not. Actually the breast is a muscle and the more it remains unused and untoned the quicker it will sag. So if anything breastfeed to prevent sagging. Sagging is mostly caused by heredity and dependent on breast size and physical condition. 
  5. “It’s just not my thing.” What a selfish and immature thing to think! You would sacrifice your baby’s wellbeing and start at life just because you don’t feel like it.  If you are not able to handle the responsibilities of being a mother then maybe you should have thought more about it before becoming one. Plus your baby doesn’t know that it is not “your style” or whatever you think that means. They think it’s perfect for them. Try it for a few months. Hopefully, you will find out having a baby changes you and it really is “your thing”.
  6.  “I have to go back to work.” It is unfortunate that you feel that making money is more important than being with your child in the beginning of its life. Children are not meant to be passed on to day care in the after they are born and seen outside of a 9-5 routine. If you are thinking about starting a family, it makes much more sense to do so if you are willing and able to be at home with the child. If money is such an issue then it would be best to figure out a way to work from home and be with your child in the first few years or to find a way to live with less. If  that is something you are not willing to do there are many alternative, but less ideal ways to combine employment and breastfeeding. You can pump your milk, although this loses many of breastfeedings benefits it is still better than feeding your infant formula.
  7. “I don’t want to be tied down.” Breastfed children are very portable! It is much easier to go out without all the paraphernalia you need for formula feeding and will cut down on diaper bag clutter.
  8.  “My breasts are too small (or large).” There is no such thing, silly excuse, end of story. Breast size has nothing to do with the underlying milk producing structures. 
  9. “It hurts.” It should not hurt, if it does then you are not doing it right. Most likely do not have the baby positioned correctly. If you find that you are not naturally getting the hang of it there are many people willing to help. You can contact La Leche League or a lactation consultant.
  10. “Well, if you only need to do it for 6 weeks why should I start?” Who told you 6 weeks? Sure that is better than nothing, but breastfeeding provides benefits to the mother and child for as long as you do it. The American Academy of Pediatrics breastfeeding policy statement recommends exclusive breastfeeding starting as soon as possible after birth up until the first 6 months of life, and continued breastfeeding for at least the first year of life and thereafter. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for at least two years. Around the world it is not unusual to find children breastfed for several years or more.
  11. “I don’t want to do it in public.” Feeding your child is one of the most natural things in the world. It is horrible that we are asked to hide when we breastfeed. You can think of it this way: every time you breastfeed in public, you are helping to change this ridiculous notion. If you are self conscious and discretion is important to you, there are products that can help you conceal your feeding.
  12. “Breastfeeding is so animalistic and primitive, we have made advancements beyond that.” No and no! First we are animals, we lactate and it is good and natural. Thinking otherwise is very ignorant. We have not made advancements beyond breastmilk and we will never be able to. Formula is inferior and we will never be able to replicate human breastmilk. You should not feel guilty if they are unable to breastfeed due to a some unlikely health problem, but you should feel guilty if you are unwilling to do so, and you should be intellectually honest enough to know the difference.
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